Small Size, Great Treasures

Don’t let the size of the 13th Street Goodwill fool you – it’s packed with awesome finds. I stopped in for the first time today and was pleasantly surprised. So much so that it inspired me to start blogging again. With finals, Christmas break and the start of a new semester, I sadly have not had much time for thrifting. 

My dad is a collector of all things vintage and cool so I got him this liquor bottle from 1968. He’s always taught me to look for markings on pottery items – that normally means they are worth something. When I looked this item up on eBay, I found a few different ones ranging in price with the highest being $30. 



I typically shop for clothes when I thrift, but my closet is currently overflowing so I’ve started looking for different things like household items, collectibles and gifts for others.

What’s your favorite thing to rummage for? 


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